Before buying an Account

How do I buy an account?

Follow these simple steps to buy an account :

  1. Select the account(s) you want to purchase. You can purchase multiple products at the same time during checkout.
  2. Select your preferred payment method.
  3. Get
    your account details delivered to you via E-mail. The delivery speed is
    subject to the availability of the staff. Generally within 30 minutes
    if Live Web Support or Skype Customer Support is online.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer various payment methods including :

  1.  PayPal
  2.  Bitcoins
  3.  Skrill (via Live Web Support or Skype Customer Support)

We also accept the following payment methods at a 25-35% overpay :

  1. CS:GO Skins
  2. CS:GO Case Keys
  3. Steam Wallet Gift Codes

Note : If you wish to pay with one of the above stated methods please contact our Live Web Support or Skype Customer Support.

What info will I get with the account?

You will get the following information delivered to your via E-mail :

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Family Pin (Generally disabled on most Accounts)

Note: Steam Guard is disabled on all accounts.

Our delivery polices  guarantee that all accounts are delivered within 24
hours. We also have instant delivery options. If you would like to know
if your order is eligible please ask a live chat admin. The admin will
stay on live chat with you until you have successfully received your

If you have opted to stick with standard delivery than
please note that the support staff has no way of telling when that
account will be delivered. It can be as soon as 10 seconds and as long
as 20 hours. But never longer than 24 hours.

All the Account details are emailed to your email address. The details include Steam Username and Steam Password of the account . Steam guard is always disabled so you can log right in. Then you simply change the details and the Account's all yours. It's really simple!

Okay I bought an Account but

What steps are needed to be done now?

After making a successful purchase you need to secure the CSGO Smurf Account you just bought.

Follow the following steps :

  1. Change Steam Contact E-Mail address.
  2. Change Steam Password.
  3. Enable Steam Guard.
  4. Add a Phone number. (Optional, highly recommended)
  5. You've successfully secured your newly bought account.

All the above mentioned steps are explained in detail below.

How do I change Steam Contact E-mail address?

Follow these simple steps to change Steam Contact E-mail Address :

  1. In the Steam client, go to  Settings -> Change Contact E-mail Address.
  2. Enter your Steam Account password along with your desired e-mail address and click Next.
  3. You'll be mailed a Code on the new contact email address.
  4. Enter the code in the Steam Window and click Next. You've successfully changed your Contact E-mail Address.
  5. Click on Finish.

How do I change Steam Account Password?

Follow these simple steps to change Steam Account Password :

  1. In the Steam client, select Settings -> Change Password.
  2. Input your old password and desired new password.
  3. You'll be mailed a Code on your Steam Contact E-mail Address.
  4. Input the code and hit Next.
  5. You've successfully changed Steam Account Password.
  6. Click Finish.

How do I enable Steam Guard?

Follow these simple steps to Enable Steam Guard :

  1. Right top corner, click on your Steam Username.
  2. Click on Account Details.
  3. Navigate to Account Security -> Manage Steam Guard.
  4. Select the checkbox to Enable Steam Guard either via E-mail or Mobile Authenticator Application whatever you prefer.
  5. You've successfully Enabled Steam Guard on your account.

How do I add a Phone Number?

Follow these simple steps to Enable Steam Guard :

  1. Right top corner, click on your Steam Username.
  2. Click on Account Details.
  3. Navigate to Contact Info -> Add a phone number.
  4. Input your phone number and press Next.
  5. You'll receive a SMS Text Code on your phone.
  6. Enter it in the specified field and confirm.
  7. You've successfully added a Phone Number to your Steam Account.

How do I disable Family View PIN?

It rarely happens that customers receive an Account with Family PIN Enabled but if it is enabled.

Follow these simple steps to disable Family View Mode :

  1. Click on the Green Family View Button next to the username.
  2. Enter the provided Family PIN. Button will now turn red.
  3. Click on your Steam Username.
  4. Click on Account Details.
  5. Navigate to Family Settings and Click on Disable Family View.
  6. Confirm your action once.
  7. You've successfully disabled Family View Mode.

Why can’t I add friends on the Account?

The vast majority of our accounts are created from game purchase
until rank. This means that they are brand new steam accounts. We do not
add the required $5.00 to the steam wallet to unlock all the features
of the steam account. You will have to add $5.00 to the steam wallet to
lift the standard steam limitation. This is a steam procedure that we
have nothing to do with.

You can remove these limitations by the following methods :

  • Adding the equivalent of $5 USD or more to your Steam Wallet.
  • Purchasing game(s) that value $5 USD or more from Steam store.

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